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Pinpoint exactly when Resident Evil's Chris Redfield started taking steroids


Having watched GameTrailers' video on the evolution of Chris Redfield through the Resident Evil series, it becomes quite clear that he began his steroid abuse sometime after the events of Code: Veronica ... maybe Umbrella Chronicles. We understand the stresses of holding back the zombie apocalypse may have taken its toll on Redfield, but there's no need for him to hit the juice.

Although we can't verify his steroid use from the bulging biceps and mountainous veins he has in Resident Evil 5, we're sure a testicular exam and a bacne (back acne) check could confirm our suspicions.

Chris, we're only calling you out in public because we want you to get better, brother. See you later this week -- if Avon doesn't kill us all first. Check out the full Chris Redfield evolution video after the break.

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