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21Mbps Next G mobile broadband comes to Hong Kong's CSL Limited

Darren Murph

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21Mbps down seems a bit sluggish compared to Ericsson's 56Mbps HSPA+ demonstration, but it's still pretty speedy compared to what's offered in most corners of the globe. As of this week, CSL Limited customers in Hong Kong have access to the same Next G network that Aussies have been enjoying for months on end through Telstra. The launch marks the world's first SDR-based HSPA+ All IP network in Hong Kong, and if you're looking for new devices to take advantage, the operator's currently offering the HP Mini 1110TU (Mobile Broadband Edition), as well as the Express 21 USB modem. Oh, and we totally can't close this post without quoting the new service's motto: "Next G: Time is the Enemy, Fight Back."

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