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Puyo Pop 7 drops on DS, Wii and PSP


Looks like the Project RINGO mystery is solved. The latest issue of Japanese mag Famitsu (via 1UP) reveals a brand new Puyo Puyo game for Nintendo DS, Wii and PSP. The Puyo Puyo series (known as Puyo Pop in the States) is a puzzle game where players must move falling colored pieces to match four like colors together.

Nintendo DS will be the first to receive Puyo Puyo 7, with a Japanese release on July 30th. Both Wii and PSP versions are scheduled for release in Winter. In addition to new online gameplay, the latest iteration of the Sega puzzler will also feature a new "transformation mode," which allows players to deflect enemy attacks and chain larger combos. We're certain Sega will highlight gameplay footage when the Project RINGO site goes live on April 3rd.

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