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PSA: Red Faction's Ostrich Hammer is real


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Just a quick note: Remember the Ostrich Hammer that was revealed on April Fools' Day for Red Faction: Guerrilla? Yeah, well it's real. We asked Volition if the ornithoid tool would actually be featured in the game. At the time, we were told that the team was waiting to see what the community's reaction would be. It seemed feasible, given that the developers had gone to the trouble to actually model it in the game.

It's more than feasible now, it's official. Volition has confirmed -- with new screenshots, no less -- that the Ostrich Hammer will be an unlockable in Red Faction: Guerrilla's multiplayer mode. On top of that, the devs are promising plenty of new info in the coming weeks regarding "more hammer unlocks, new modes" and changes made based on multiplayer beta feedback.

We suggest you spend the interim researching what other animals would make the best hammers

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