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WarioWare Snapped! and our inability to play it [update]


Update: Nintendo got back to us and had the following to say: "Facial recognition works best when the camera can properly see your face." We tried to drill them for more, but that's all we could get. So, try to play in an area with a lot of light, we suppose.

Have you tried to play WarioWare Snapped! yet? We have, and we couldn't get past the camera calibration tool. The game says that our skin tone too closely resembles the color of the background. Considering our skin is a light peach and the walls are completely white, we're wondering what the problem is. Also, trying to use the game against, say, a dark blue background has been no help either. Have any of you had trouble playing the game, or has it all been smooth sailing?

We've put word in to Nintendo and will be sure to update you as soon as we receive a response.

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