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Another 3D Link's Awakening project pops up


We thought it was weird, but kind of admirable, when one guy, "MithosKuu," started recreating the Game Boy classic The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening in 3D. However, it appears that someone named "Bocophobic" has beaten MithosKuu to the punch with a playable (work-in-progress) version of the game in full 3D, with voice acting and Ocarina of Time-style interface.

The resulting game, Ballad of the Wind Fish, is impressive, in that the game runs properly and everything -- and that it hasn't been cease-and-desisted out of existence yet. For a fanmade 3D game by one guy, it looks pretty good, too -- if not as iconic as the Game Boy game, at the very least, better than the CD-I Zeldas.

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