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HP unveils ProBook s-series laptops for the businessperson who needs a bit more power

Ross Miller

HP's adding a little bit of freshness to its portable lineup this evening with the new ProBook s-series, designed as affordable business-centric laptops but should be capable of pulling off a decent game or two for those long flights. The 14-inch 4410s and 4415s pack Intel / AMD processors, respectively, optional Blu-ray drive, HDMI port, and choice of GMA X4500HD or ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330. The 15.6-inch 4510s (Intel) and 4515s (AMD) includes an optional mobile broadband connectivity module and an integrated numeric keypad. Grandaddy of them all 4710s lacks the mobile broadband and AMD processor options but does sport a larger 17.3-inch screen. In what's being touted as a first for the company, you can have Linux preinstalled if you're interested in using Novell SuSE Enterprise Desktop 11. According to the presser, prices start around $529, and there's a USB 2.0 docking station available for $139.

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