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NVIDIA announces expanded support for PhysX and APEX from Sega, Capcom


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Remember how impressed the gaming community was when Havok powered the gravity gun in Half-Life 2? Dynamic physics have come a long way since then, with NVIDIA covertly offering its own competitor, in the form of the PhysX engine. The PhysX engine has powered the physics of a number of games so far, such as Mass Effect, Gears of War and even Sonic and the Secret Rings. In addition to PhysX, NVIDIA has expanded its development tools with its APEX framework, which will supposedly allow artists to design fully realized physics-based and destructible objects.

NVIDIA has just announced the addition of a rather valuable publishing partner to take advantage of their development APIs. The house of Sonic will be utilizing both PhysX and APEX in all upcoming games from its worldwide studios. In addition, NVIDIA announced expanded PhysX support for Capcom's Dark Void, WBIE's Terminator Salvation, and the upcoming Darkest of Days and U-Wars.

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