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14-megapixel Sigma DP2 camera now officially available


A few retailers went ahead and put the Sigma DP2 up for pre-order back in March, but it looks like the camera is now finally officially available to own in the UK -- and, judging from some of those aforementioned retailers, at a few places in the US as well. Those in the UK can expect to pay £599.99 for the camera, which updates the DP1 with a new 41mm f/2.8 lens and Sigma's improved TRUE II processing engine, while folks in the US will apparently have to pay $699 retail (although at least some places still seem to be listing the $649 pre-order price). Interestingly, Sigma will also apparently be offering the older DP1 alongside the DP2 for the time being, although it's not clear how long it'll continue to do so.

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