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Deep Flight Super Falcon winged submarine readies deep sea exploration in San Francisco

Laura June

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Inventor Graham Hawkes has been building deep sea exploration vessels for about 20 years. His newest submarine -- called the Deep Flight Super Falcon -- has a set of wings with a span of 10 feet, giving the 20 foot vessel a distinctly bird-like appearance. Hawkes has been working on the Falcon for several years, and it's just now ready to make its first deep sea journey. The battery-powered vessel is twenty feet long, can carry two people, and cruise depths of up to 1,500 feet at a speed of about 7 miles per hour. The winged vessel is extremely agile because of its animal-like shape, and researchers at Farallones National Marine Sanctuary are optimistic about it potential for studying and following exotic, mysterious sea creatures such as super sharks and the ever-elusive giant squid. The Super Falcon is set to fly around Monterey Bay from June 19th to July 17th, and will be on display to the public when not in use. Check out the video of the Falcon after the break.

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