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Qore leak reveals new PSP Metal Gear and more

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In a leaked interview in the June issue of Qore, Sony's John Koller revealed new game announcements Sony is set to make at its E3 2009 press briefing. Among the titles mentioned are (a previously revealed) Jak & Daxter PSP and a re-emergence of Gran Turismo for the handheld -- first revealed when the PSP was announced.

Koller also mentions a new Metal Gear Solid for PSP is in the works, which may be the subject of the current Kojima Productions countdown nonsense (seriously, stop). Also, around the 15 second mark of the leaked Qore video, footage appears that bares a striking resemblance to Warhawk -- but (as comments have pointed out) the ship appears apart of the Jak & Daxter footage reel. Other clips include footage of LittleBigPlanet and Jak & Daxter.

Let's hope, for Sony's sake, this video doesn't encapsulate the lion's share of announcements the company was planning for June 2. Incidentally, crack out those bingo cards and a big red marker ... you have a few things to cross off.

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