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Scribblenauts passes our ten-word challenge with flying colors

We were extremely impressed with our time with Scribblenauts on the E3 show floor, but in a weird way, we felt this primal desire to conquer it. After an evening of brainstorming, we developed ten words we were certain would stump the game's seemingly infinite vocabulary -- the surprising results of our little experiment are posted after the jump!

1. Internet -- While we thought the developer wouldn't bother including something as intangible as the intarwebs, entering the word actually spawns a little computer. A little adorable computer. Scribblenauts 1, Joystiq 0.

2. Tattoo -- How could the game possibly render a piece of body art? By spawning a sheet of temporary tattoos, of course. Clever, Scribblenauts. Very clever.

3. Air -- How could you even tell if the game spawned air? Inputting this word creates a tiny puff of air that, when dragged and dropped, is absorbed into the surrounding air. 3-0.

4. Molecule -- No object is too small for Scribblenauts' vocabulary. We entered molecule, and received a tiny model of a molecule in turn.

5. Scribblenauts -- Instead of causing the game to become self-aware, an event that would certainly lead to the destruction of mankind, entering Scribblenauts causes the original character model for Maxwell, the game's protagonist, to appear.

6. Narwhal -- Not only did it cause a horn-touting whale to appear, but we were able to ride atop its back, crossing the liquid divide between us and a Starite. Incredible.

7. Lutefisk -- Sure enough, a bright white fish appeared and began to flop around the level. Oddly enough, a previously spawned Santa Claus ran up and ate the Lutefisk. He must have a cast-iron stomach.

8. Plumbob -- No dice! The game's lead designer was hanging over our shoulder as we entered in this unrecognized word. He quickly asked what it was, pulled out his phone and feverishly sent some unknown party a text message. "Okay," he said. "It'll be in the final product."

9. Stanchion -- The bulk of us actually thought this word was made up -- but Scribblenauts managed to spawn a weight-bearing post, which is apparently what a stanchion is.

10. Joystiq -- Upon entering Joystiq, the game brought up the spell check menu, asking us if we meant to spell "Joystick." We're willing to count this, but we're hoping 5th Cell can manage to include some representation of our site in the final product.

Final score: Scribblenauts: 9, Joystiq: 1. Good game, 5th Cell. Good game, indeed.

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