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Japan's PlayStation Network offering PC Engine games


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The Japanese PlayStation Store features a ridiculously huge selection of old PlayStation games, especially compared to the paltry selection on the American store. Now, it's getting old games that weren't even on the PlayStation, in what appears to be a tentative step toward a Sony Virtual Console.

Sony announced that four PC Engine (Turbografx-16) games will be available on the Store today: Bomberman '94, New Adventure Island, Sengoku Mahjong, and Devil's Crush, each for 600 yen, roughly the same price these games command on the Wii's Virtual Console.

The PC Engine Game Archives will be playable on PSP and PS3, which means we'll be able to take Devil's Crush on the go for the first time since the TurboExpress -- thus elevating the PSP to the best system since the TurboExpress.

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