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Laptop Mag's tech support showdown strikes once again

Laura June

Laptop Magazine's once again done us all a really good turn by running a pretty exhaustive -- yet totally reasonable -- test of the tech support for ten popular companies that produce laptops. Essentially, they placed two call to each outfit's support -- one during peak, one during off-peak hours, and asked them some really basic questions such as "How can I make changes to my notebook's power settings?" Then, they tried to find answers to the same questions via the company's various web-based resources. So, what's the skinny? Well, only Apple got an "A," while Acer, Dell and HP hold the bottom spots with a "C-" score, while everybody else falls somewhere in the middle. The report, is, however, a really fascinating read with far more information than mere letter grades, so please -- click the read link to read the entire, epic tome.

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