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Video: HTC develops THINK+ car computer for LUXGEN 7 MPV


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HTC is best known for its handsets running Windows Mobile and increasingly, Android. But did you know that they've built a full-on car computer in Taiwan? THINK+, as it's known, embeds GPS navigation, 3.5G communications, and a big ol' integrated 10.2-inch display inside of Taiwan's new LUXGEN 7 MPV to give it a range of functions including voice-activated calling, SMS read-back, media playback from USB devices, car diagnostics, night vision, parking assist, and enough cameras to give a 360-degree and top-down view. Unfortunately, the UI looks to be entirely utilitarian lacking any of the TouchFlo gymnastics we're used to seeing. Then again, would you really feel safe operating a button-less touchscreen while driving a car? Check a sample video after the break or hit-up Autoblog for the full story.

[Via Engadget Chinese]

Read -- THINK+ demo
Read -- Autoblog hands-on

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