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Video: Tachyon XC helmet cam, and its Siamese 3D sibling, now shipping to headgear worldwide

Tim Stevens

The world is an ever more extreme place -- and ever more safety conscious too. That means more helmets per capita and thusly more helmet cams. The Tachyon XC is the latest, shipping in not one but two flavors. First up is the standalone model for $180, which packs a couple of batteries and an SDHC card into a lightweight, durable, fully waterproof case. Rather more interesting is the $380 XC 3D, a pair of the cams joined at the hip that record simultaneously and ship with software to join the fruits of their sensors into one mind blowing segment. 3D footage can be displayed in a variety of formats, including the red/blue standard style that rocked the '60s or cross-eyed mode, like those magical posters that look like fields of dots but explode into shapely images of naked ladies when you focus right. Sure, gluing two separate cameras together is perhaps a bit of a crude way to enter the third dimension, and strictly VGA recording is decidedly disappointing, but check out the video results below in cross-eyed mode before you write this off as an over-priced novelty.

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