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TGS 2009: Snoopy, Toy Soldiers coming to XBLA

Justin McElroy

It's a question we ask ourselves every day: How can we expose our children to the glories of warfare while shielding them from the unpleasant realities of blown-off-arm-stumps? Microsoft has announced not one, but two upcoming war games for the younger set.

The first, Toy Soldiers, is a tower defense game with over fifty different units and online (as well as offline) multiplayer. It's being created by Signal Studios, though we believe this is the developer's first project, so we can't really call that a loss or a win. Stay tuned, we'll have impressions of it for you soon.

The second announcement, Snoopy Flying Ace, is an aerial combat game being developed by Smart Bomb Interactive, the same house behind Snoopy vs The Red Baron. The big shock? It doesn't look half bad. No, seriously! Check out the trailer after the jump to see for yourself.

Source -- Toy Soldiers
Source -- Snoopy Flying Ace

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