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Unbagging: Peek CEO Amol Sarva


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Unbagging is a new feature inspired by one of our favorite Flickr groups: what's in your bag? The premise is simple -- empty out your bag, arrange what's inside, and snap a photo. Engadget will be taking a look inside the bags of some of the people we know and love in the tech world, combining our two favorite pastimes of gadgetry and voyeurism. Want to be included? Send an email to unbagging [at] engadget [dot] com with your submissions!

Today's Unbagging installment comes from Peek CEO (and all around bon vivant) Amol Sarva. Clearly a man who loves the written word, you can see no less than three separate pieces of reading material here (though of course, two are made from dead trees -- do they still count?). If you want to see the whole list, click on through after the break. For a larger picture, as well as a group of reader submissions we've gotten, hit the gallery!

Gallery: Unbagging gallery 1 | 13 Photos

  • Thinkpad X61s
  • 2 Peek Prontos
  • ID Magazine w Peek on the cover
  • Cables for iPod, Kindle, Sony Ericsson, Palm Pre + pouch
  • Nokia Bluetooth w/ necklace
  • Keys for home and New York office
  • Coins
  • Filson bag
  • WSJ
  • Receipts
  • Sleepmask and earplug
  • Biz cards
  • Oakland office key
  • Kindle (1st gen)
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Benadryl
  • Citibank keyfob
  • Chapstick
  • Palm Pre
  • iPod touch (1st gen)
  • Peek upgrade cable
  • Laptop power supply

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