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Sega: Alpha Protocol 'out now,' er ... 'Spring 2010'


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While Sega of America's public relations team still hasn't said one word regarding an increasingly inevitable delay, Sega of America's website has finally declared that Alpha Protocol will not begin its mission until 2010. The site displays the Xbox 360 and PC launches for May 6, 2010, while the PS3 version has been left at "Spring 2010." This is a not-so-slight change from what the publisher's website showed this morning, when the release information stated the espionage RPG was "out now" -- a strange pronouncement for frustrated consumers, venting on developer Obsidian's forums, and retailers we'd spoken to.

Sega's update now fits with what several retailers have suggested about a 2010 release, including GameStop, Walmart, Amazon and GameFly.

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