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Nokia announces the death of the N-Gage


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This is going to come as a huge shock to you, but Nokia has announced that it's no longer supporting the N-Gage platform. It's just -- we never expected something like this to happen, to tell you the truth. For all intents and purposes, it seemed like the N-Gage would be around forever, a platform thriving in the portable space like no device has before it. Look at the iPhone, the DS, the PSP and even the fallen Gizmondo and it's quite apparent the N-Gage has always been the platform to beat.

Even though Nokia will halt all support for the N-Gage, it's still going to roll up all of its games into the Ovi Store, where N-Gage users will be able to access the content until September 2010. Just, uh, don't expect any new games over the next year, as Nokia will not be publishing anything for the device from here on out and any games that use community features will have those features disabled come September 2010. Anything you purchased is yours to keep, of course.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to pour one out for the bounty of amazing games that we'll no longer get to play.

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