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Is this a next generation ThinkPad, or the cruelest Photoshop ThinkPad fans have ever witnessed?


So, before we get ourselves in a tizzy, we'll caveat that there are some seeming signs of Photoshoppery here, namely the edge around the keyboard and of course the pure insanity of putting chiclet keys and a white skin on a ThinkPad (Cloned In China thinks it might be an outright KIRF). That said, there's something about the laptop that smacks of ultraportability and simplicity which we're not entirely averse to. And for the purists there's still that nipple and the third mouse button to be smug about, which is something for them to think about while the burn down the Engadget HQ in a rage for us even suggesting this could be a good direction. Check out another shot after the break, and shots of another even odder design at the read link.

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