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Goodbye Eidos, hello Square Enix Europe


Eidos is now merely a memory, much like Midway, Brash and Atari ... what do you mean Atari is still around!? Anyway, Square Enix announced today that the Eidos reorganization is complete and the company has been reborn as Square Enix Europe, which we still haven't come up with a clever nickname for: Le SquEnix? Der Europa Enix? SEEurope? Eh, still working on it.

SEE will oversaw watch over development studios Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive, among others, but the company brand will show up on the box as either Square Enix, Eidos or Taito. Bon Voyage, Eidos (the company), may you find peace in the afterlife. Now, can we talk about how positive you all are that Atari still exists?

Update: Noted the brand "Eidos" still exists, even if the company doesn't.

Source: Square Enix Europe press release [PDF link]

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