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Touchtable mixer takes conventional PMP design for a wiki-wiki-twist

Darren Murph

Not that we haven't seen turntable capabilities shoved into production and concept devices alike before, but there's something curiously seductive about this one. Dreamed up by Sir Thomas Mascall, the Touchtable is a pocket-sized PMP that boasts a digit-friendly surface meant for scratching, mixing and all manners of interacting. Aside from playing back your favorite MP3s, this bugger can (in theory, anyway) also mix jams on the fly, cue outputs and even connect with a second Touchtable wirelessly in order to establish a more traditional DJ setup (at 1:8 scale). Plug it into a PC, and now you've got a MIDI controller. Pop that source link if you're looking for a few more images and details, and feel free to contact your local VC if interested in seeing this fast-tracked to the commercial realm.

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