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Dead or Alive Paradise coming to PSP, sans fighting (and volleyball)


Do you love the Dead or Alive franchise? Do you wish Tecmo would just get rid of all that pesky fighting and volleyball gameplay and give fans what they really want out of the franchise: quality alone time with the DoA girls? Thankfully, Tecmo has answered that call. Seriously.

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals a new Dead or Alive game for PSP called Dead or Alive Paradise. However, this isn't a new game in Tecmo's franchise. In fact, it's barely a game at all. The Examiner notes that this is a port of a mobile game, one which lets you play mini games with the girls, as you continue to purchase skimpier and skimpier outfits for them. Classy.

Paradise is scheduled for a Spring 2010 release in Japan and, thankfully, it's a single-player only experience. We'd hate to think what kind of terrible multiplayer modes Tecmo would imagine for a game like this.

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