An intensely granular, gripping look inside Toshiba's Dynario fuel-cell

We won't pretend that we weren't excited when Toshiba finally launched its long talked about Dynario fuel-cell -- the first of its kind for consumer electronics. If you don't know already, the direct methanol fuel-cell (DMFC) boasts its own fuel cartridge (which takes approximately 20 seconds to fill) with a concentrated methanol solution, resulting in its ability to charge USB devices on the go. Well, Tech-On's gotten a hold of one of these bad boys, and they've taken plenty of photos of its innards, allowing us a unique opportunity to see what its all about. A few interesting observations they make: the cell itself -- which sells for ¥29,800 (about $328) -- is definitely worth the money. Tech-On claims that the manufacturing and components alone are estimated at costing around ¥30,000. There's a lot more to see, so hit the source link -- and there's also one more interesting shot after the break.