ASUS UL30Vt-A1 pops up on Amazon for pre-order: silver, 5600mAh battery, $849

Updated ·1 min read

ASUS' UL30Vt-X1 was largely hailed as the CULV machine to get when it finally went on sale just a few weeks back, and it has a Core 2 Duo CPU alongside a switchable graphics solution to thank. Still, the main two gripes on it were the inability to choose a color and the (comparatively) lackluster battery. Thankfully for those who managed to hold off, ASUS has quietly pushed its UL30Vt-A1 onto Amazon's pages, complete with a silver paint job, a capacious 5,600mAh battery (good for "up to 12 hours" of usage) and an asking price that's $50 higher than the X1. All other specs have seemingly remained constant, from the 1.3GHz Intel SU7300 CPU to the 4GB of DDR3 RAM to the 500GB hard drive. You'll also get a 64-bit copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and an NVIDIA G210M (512MB) + GMA 4500MHD GPU setup, but there's no telling when your order will actually ship. Here's hoping for sooner rather than later, yeah?

[Thanks, Paul]