Lenovo ThinkPad X100e hands-on impressions

You won't find Lenovo calling the $499 ThinkPad X100e a netbook, but at first glance you can't avoid thinking that's exactly what it is. From the outside it looks like a shrunken ThinkPad T series, though its matte lid is available in both traditional black and red. Yes, you heard it: a ThinkPad in red. The 11.6 inch screen gives it a wider body than most 10 inchers, yet Lenovo has managed to fit the same gratifying, chiclet keyboard as the ThinkPad Edge 13. And even despite the limited deck real estate there's a good old red pointing stick and a nice sized touchpad. So, why not just call it a netbook? Well, that'd be because it has stronger performance parts than the typical Intel Atom CPU. Instead it's one of the first ThinkPads to have AMD processor options, including single and dual core Althon Neo and dual core Turion processors. In our brief hands-on we couldn't gauge much on performance or battery life (though it does have a protruding six-cell on the back), but in the meantime you will have to feast your eyes on the gallery below and hold tight for our full review.