Nexus One hitting France at €450 contract-free?

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.05.10

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Nexus One hitting France at €450 contract-free?
Nexus One hitting France at €450 contract-free?
Maybe you, like us, are a little disappointed at how the Nexus One fared in our review. It may not be the ground-breaker we'd all hoped for, but it's still a mighty important handset, and while we're expecting to know the full details for its American release later today it seems someone may have tipped their hat on European availability details a little early. According to Le Point, the phone will be available in France and elsewhere in Europe within the next "several weeks," with prices at €450 for a contract-free device. However, if you don't mind signing two years of your wireless independence away to Vodafone that price is said to drop to €200. Again, we're still waiting to learn about pricing here in the States, but we'd expect a similar ratio here.

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