The Queue: Why won't you move, Mr. Bubbles?

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|01.05.10

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The Queue: Why won't you move, Mr. Bubbles?
Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Before I get to your questions today, I have a question for all of you. What kind of dirty monster do you need to be to harvest the Little Sisters in Bioshock? My word, they're adorable. I mean, I have no problem playing jerky characters in games, but I physically could not hit the K key while looking at one of those poor little things. You people running around murdering them willy nilly should be ashamed of yourselves. You know who you are. I'm watching you.

And now we actually discuss the game this blog is named for. Fancy that.

Radioted asked...

"Is there any word on who does the voice for Krick? Every time I run PoS, I can't help but hear Wallace Shawn in the role."

Blizzard very rarely discusses who does voice acting work for them, which I find incredibly disappointing. I'm a massive VA nerd, so I love going through credits like that. So no, we don't know who voices Krick. I'm fairly certain it isn't Wallace Shawn, though. It's incredibly close, but there's something that doesn't quite match up. Wallace's voice is just a notch lighter than Krick. I could certainly be wrong, but I don't think so. Just watch the video embedded below, or go watch Toy Story. Wallace's freak-out voice doesn't line up with Krick's freak-out voice.

schnackpack asked...

"With the introduction of turning off experience, is it practical to form a level 60 or 70 guild to do vanilla and BC raids? I am speaking as far as talents go, would healers and tanks have the skills necessary to get enough people through any of those raids? I suppose it might have more application for BC raids due to the fact that getting 40 level 60s might be problematic."

Clearing that content at level 60 is more viable in Wrath of the Lich King than it was in Vanilla WoW. The new talents and abilities we've gained over the years blow our vanilla versions of ourselves out of the water, and you have them no matter which expansion you have installed or where you paused your leveling. You'll have fewer talents points at 60 than you would at 80, but the talents available to you are still better than they used to be. If you can get the people, you can clear the content. There are old school raids running stuff all over the place, you just need to look for them.

R_Glass asked...

"How could you promote Sacco after he admitted to liking both Lady Gaga albums?"

Liking Lady Gaga is actually one of the prerequisites for working here. If you don't like Lady Gaga, I automatically don't like you. Sorry guys, no exceptions. Not even if you bribe me. Keep this in mind, applicants.

(Okay, maybe if you bribe me.)

tootatis asked...

"I heard a while ago that Battlegrounds were going to offer competitive loot so people wouldn't have to do arenas. Any news?"

This is going to be one of Cataclysm's big features and was discussed at BlizzCon 2009. Cataclysm will bring a rated, competitive battleground system that will award viable gear just like the arena does. Up until this point, Blizzard never had a system that could accurately gauge performance in battlegrounds, so they used the arena system to control the flow of PvP epics. Cataclysm will change that, and as soon as a beta shows up somewhere, you bet we'll be trying to get more details for all of you.

Mal asked...

"When in the name of Lothar is the's Class Leveling Guides page going to be updated?"

Hey, look over there! Something totally super shiny!

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column! Leave your questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!
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