Tivit Mobile DTV to WiFi device hands-on: it works!

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Paul Miller
January 6, 2010 5:32 PM
Tivit Mobile DTV to WiFi device hands-on: it works!
While devices dedicated to DTV or bulked up for DTV have rarely struck our fancy, there's something pretty compelling about this new Tivit unit, for whatever reason. A bit like a single-minded MiFi, the device pulls in Mobile DTV video and then pumps it out over WiFi to a single device at a time. Based on how you're accessing it, the Tivit might appear just as a web page of channel listings to choose from, or in a fancier custom-built app on the iPhone, but to all of those devices it streams h.264 video at a pretty good quality. We tested it with the iPod touch, and while the 20 second channel change times were a little frustrating (they claim they'll be able to get it down to 8, and that it's Apple's fault), everything else worked flawlessly. We had a bit less luck with the Droid, due to what appeared to be a missing codec on our end; we'll have to investigate further. Perhaps the best part is that there's no additional power drain on our primary device, though remembering another USB charger at the end of the day might get annoying. All in all we wholeheartedly support an effort such as this to bring new content to our existing phone, laptop and desktop screens, and if they can sell this for the $90 to $120 suggested price range unsubsidized, we might just be looking at Mobile DTV's best shot at life yet. There's video after the break of the thing in action. %Gallery-81718%

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