Sling's CES showing gives us a Touch of optimism

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Sling's CES showing gives us a Touch of optimism
CES is officially under way so of course we got our hands all over the Sling Touch Control 100 in person and screwed up the DVR queue mightily over WiFi thanks to simple touch controls, then took control our imaginary Sony Blu-ray player with an overlay that matched the native remote functions. Reps confirmed to Dave Zatz that an Android Sling app is under development -- for owners of other phones, a Flash implementation of the mobile app is your most likely bet. Most tantalizing? SlingCatcher-style software running on plain-jane Broadcom boxes representing future TVs or set-top boxes that could ship with Sling functionality embedded in them. Given Sling's lack of acceptance on non-Dish content distributors so far, we can't help but wish for a Yahoo! or VUDU style invasion of third-party devices to come. Check the gallery for pics of all the hardware announced recently, as well as a video of the remote after the break.

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