You Rock Guitar spotted at CES, we shred on video

Sam Sheffer
S. Sheffer|01.09.10

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You Rock Guitar spotted at CES, we shred on video
Surely you remember the You Rock Guitar from earlier this week. How could you forget, right? Well here on the CES show floor, we had the opportunity to rock out (gently, of course) with the lightweight, multitouch Guitar Hero / Rock Band controller -- which just so happens to be platform agnostic. It's got a plethora of settings and buttons, but it can actually double as a semi-legitimate guitar when plugged into an amp. For a music game peripheral, it's about as real as it gets, though it's hard to say if you're better off dropping 180 bones on this instead of a standard controller and a swanky new Squier. Don't take our word for it, though -- jump on past the break and mash play.

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