Blu-TV brings interactive IPTV to disc players, starting with the BDP-83

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Richard Lawler
January 9, 2010 7:57 PM
Blu-TV brings interactive IPTV to disc players, starting with the BDP-83
Dreamer has finally found a partner in its Blu-ray powered IPTV fantasy now that Blu-TV has debuted on the OPPO BDP-83. As the company envisions it, once loaded, it turns your BD-Live capable Blu-ray player into a video and interactive content gateway anyone can develop apps for once the SDK is released. Already powering an IPTV service in Korea, we got a quick demo of the software running on a PS3 in Dreamer's CES booth and flipped through a quick selection of online marketplaces, simple games and video services. We're not sure how many manufacturers will warm to the idea of opening up players currently limited to their choice of streaming services, but if the apps start to flow, having this as an embedded option could be a differentiating feature as player prices dive.
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Dreamer to Demo Patented "Thin Client" Approach at CES 2010 that Expands Blu-Ray Disc Player Functionality to VOD, Online Shopping, Casual Gaming and Open Apps Marketplace

BURBANK, CA – Jan. 5, 2010 – Dreamer Corporation, a leader in interactive TV platforms, today revealed plans to demo its Internet connectivity solution and BluTV interactive television service at CES 2010 from January 7 – 10 in booth 10045. Dreamer's disruptive technology transforms CE devices, such as Blu-ray players, into HD set-top boxes that are capable of delivering unlimited services to the TV. The embedded Dreamer BluTV service offers content owners an opportunity for global distribution directly to the consumer's living room, without any third party involvement. Access to content channels can be made available through a disc or through devices that adopt the embedded BluTV service.

The possibilities for interactive content and services distributed through the BluTV portal and Dreamer are virtually limitless. The unique capabilities of the Dreamer software makes it possible to deliver much more than Video-On-Demand (VOD) services, transforming every Blu-ray player into an open applications marketplace, a gaming platform and a portal for unlimited eCommerce services. All of these offerings can be personalized by geographic region or even by specific players and Blu-ray Discs, giving content owners a dedicated, customizable channel directly into consumers' living rooms through a device already in widespread use.

"At-home media consumption patterns are rapidly evolving, with consumers blending online video viewing habits alongside traditional disc-based formats," said Dr. Won Baek, CEO and President of Dreamer. "BD-Live enables limited online interaction for consumers, but Dreamer greatly expands the promise of extended Blu-Ray content without excruciating load times every time the disc is read. Our BluTV platform also establishes an open applications marketplace for Blu-ray disc players, allowing content owners to reach consumers with widgets and tools that enhance and extend the entertainment experience."

Dreamer transforms Blu-ray Disc players into a full-featured HD set-top box, making it easy for consumers to browse, search and watch interactive content on their TV screens. The process is invisible to consumers and eliminates the need to add additional devices to their living rooms. Dreamer can be easily embedded on Blu-ray player chipsets through a small 100KB code, offering manufacturers a simple and affordable solution for adding connectivity to their devices. The Dreamer code pulls the content and services from a cloud-computing platform, allowing every application to load as fast as a Web page. This enables content owners to seamlessly update the channel at any time without any impact on the consumer experience.

"With Blu-ray Disc player adoption already outpacing initial growth patterns for VHS and DVD player purchases, Dreamer is the perfect solution to further extend the retail appeal of Blu-ray Disc players," said Perry Weinstein, general manager of Dreamer. "Our easy-to-use menu-based interface presents a familiar approach to consumers, but the underlying technology empowers content companies and CE manufacturers to easily expand and update content sent to consumers' living rooms. With Dreamer and BluTV, content owners will no longer be limited to offering only video/audio on demand (VOD) services. The Dreamer platform makes it possible to deliver product catalogs, e-commerce applications, casual games, social networking, advertising, web portals and much more, exponentially expanding the home entertainment experience through one simple and affordable device."


Dreamer to Demonstrate Blu-TV Portal Integrated with OPPO BDP-83 Player at CES 2010, Offering Casual Games, Widgets, Enhanced Content and Web Features
LAS VEGAS, NV [CES Tradeshow Booth #10045] – Jan. 7, 2010 – Dreamer Corporation, a leader in interactive TV platforms, today announced that OPPO Digital, a leading designer and manufacturer of Blu-ray Disc players, is offering Dreamer's Blu-TV interactive television service on the OPPO BDP-83 model, which has won multiple awards since its introduction to the U.S. market in July 2009. Dreamer will demonstrate Blu-TV on the OPPO Digital player in its booth (#10045) at CES 2010 from January 7 – 10.

"The OPPO BDP-83 model is one of the few Blu-ray Disc players that can support nearly every type of traditional five-inch disc, so adding connectivity to the device through Dreamer and Blu-TV further strengthens its appeal as the central hub of the connected living room," said Dr. Won Baek, CEO and President of Dreamer. "Dreamer transforms Blu-ray Disc players into a full-featured HD set-top box, making it easy for consumers to browse, search and watch interactive content on their TV screens. The options for content distribution through Blu-TV are virtually limitless, so we are excited to add the capabilities for an unlimited open applications marketplace and rich interactive services to the OPPO BDP-83 player."

To activate the Blu-TV service, OPPO BDP-83 users simply perform a firmware update from the device menu. At the initial introduction of the service, the Blu-TV channel will feature nearly 20 casual games ranging from classics such as chess, Sudoku and solitaire, as well as modern arcade favorites, a collage channel that displays movie art, and five widgets offering features such as worldwide time display, unit conversions and weather. In support of an open and collaborative application development community, Dreamer will make the Blu-TV software development kit (SDK) available in the coming months to allow anyone to create apps for the Blu-TV channel.

"Blu-ray Disc players are becoming the center piece of home theater systems. Our customers are already enjoying the excellent audio and video performance from their BDP-83. The Blu-TV market trial will further expand the versatility of the player," said Jason Liao, Vice President of Product Development at OPPO Digital. "OPPO listens to our customers. This market trial will provide our users a great opportunity to experience what Dreamer's Blu-TV interactive television service can offer and enable us to further improve our products."

Derived from technology that created the acclaimed OPPO up-converting DVD players, OPPO Digital's BDP-83 player delivers first-class video quality for both Blu-ray and DVD over an unprecedented number of audio and video formats. The BDP-83 can play Blu-ray, CD, DVD, SACD, DVD-Audio, AVCHD, Kodak Picture and HDCD-encoded discs, as well as several re-writable versions of these, and is compatible with BD Profile 2.0 (BD-Live and BonusView), DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD (SACD), HDCD, CD and other media formats such as AVCHD, MKV video, digital music and photos. The BDP-83 player supports all high-end video features including 1080p24Hz output, HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color, Source Direct output, and many other picture control and enhancement options.
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