Intel's Atom-powered home energy dashboard concept gets itself a website, no closer to retail reality

If you recall all the way back to last week -- yes, it's a bit of a blur to us, too -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini brought to his keynote an Atom-powered home monitor system, demonstrated by him and his rockstar compadre Craig. It was actually quite impressive, and thankfully Intel's gone ahead and launched an educational page for the Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof of Concept. The specs break down as follows: a gorgeous 11.5-inch capacitive OLED touch screen, Z530 processor, motion sensor and video camera support, stereo audio, WiFi, and Zigbee integration. Throw in an open API and we're pretty sold on this -- assuming it was real, of course, and at this point it's nothing more than a teaser of things to come. Hit up the source link and expect a notable uptick in your longing for the future.