Phishing schemes targeting MobileMe users again

Mel Martin
M. Martin|01.13.10

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Mel Martin
January 13th, 2010
Phishing schemes targeting MobileMe users again
Be very careful if you get an email from Apple telling you they need to re-check your credit card information. One of our readers got just such an email, and he didn't fall for it.

This particular rip-off comes from an '' domain, which has nothing to do with Apple. They'll be glad to take your credit card info, and give you a big surprise when you get your next billing statement.

An Apple representative confirmed that the email is not from Apple. They also suggest you send copies of the email and relevant details to if you get one.

This isn't the first time this scam has gone after MobileMe users. We reported on some MobileMe scams in May. In February another scam site was telling people their MobileMe renewal was not received and to do it again. Back in 2008, ComputerWorld reported on another phony scheme that fleeced about 200 MobileMe customers in a single day. It's probably a good idea to not click on links in emails that ask for financial or credit card information, and it is easy to check with any vendor to see if the request is legitimate.

If you ever have questions about a MobileMe renewal, you can go to: and do a live chat with an Apple support agent. Also, don't update from an email. Log into your account and update there.

Just before posting this I tried the link our reader sent. The first time I clicked I saw the fake Apple page. Now there is an error page there instead.

Thanks to Asif for the tip.
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