Segway Inc. bought by Segway UK?

Updated ·1 min read

This one has been flying under the radar for the past day or so, but talk is starting to heat up on some forums that Segway Inc. has effectively been bought out by one of its own dealerships. That initial word seems to have come from a Segway Inc. shareholder, who says he recently received a stockholder letter informing him that Segway Inc. would be "merging" with JWH Holdings, which is apparently a company formed by Segway UK simply for the purpose of this merger. What's more, while the deal is apparently being called a merger, the letter itself reportedly confirms that it's more of a complete buyout, with current CEO Jim Norrod supposedly set to be replaced by Tricia Laidler, and Segway UK's Wayne Mitchell stepping up to be the new COO. Still nothing in the way of official statements from either party just yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything one way or the other.

[Thanks, Ed J]