PalmOS lives on, Aceeca releasing two devices this year

Sure, all the cool kids might have moved on to webOS these days, but the venerable PalmOS hasn't totally kicked it yet -- a company called Aceeca is actually releasing two Garnet-based devices later this year. If you don't remember the entire sordid saga, the source code for PalmOS actually ended up with Access, which now licenses it out to other companies -- including Palm, as it happens. Confusing? Yes. So is the idea of forking over $199 for the consumer-targeted Aceeca PDA32 Garnet, which packs an unnamed ARM CPU, a QVGA screen, and an SD expansion slot into a case that's "taller than a Palm TX and about twice as thick." Oh, and you'll have to pay extra for "wireless options." Sounds like a winner -- we'd actually advise you to go with the PDA32 CE, which runs Windows CE 5.0 and probably looks a lot like a Samsung Blackjack if you squint just right and drink enough rubbing alcohol. Corporate customers get some dated hardware of their own from Aceeca: the MEZ1500 Garnet, which will run a steep $499 and keeps the QVGA screen but adds a bigger battery, a faster processor, and an expansion bus for various optional barcode scanner, RFID readers, and so forth. You'll have to pay extra for WiFi and Bluetooth on this one too, and you can also get a WinCE 5.0 version, which is apparently some kind of hilarious vaporware no one's been waiting for. Sadly we don't have any pictures of this gear, but we're dying to check it all out -- can you say "iPhone killer?"