The Daily Grind: One server vs. many servers

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|01.15.10

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The Daily Grind: One server vs. many servers
Ok, so the picture above is a total lie and games that run on one server don't really run on one server, but you get our point. With the MMO genre slowly evolving, newer games are beginning to adopt the "one server" architecture idea instead of running multiple shards of a world, each equipped with their own name and specific population of characters.

Of course, both sides have their ups and downs. "Sharding" your world, a term that derives right from the lore of Ultima Online, lets you deal with a smaller community, make close friends, and have a more "shared" massive experience. However, should you not play on the same world as your friend, you're never going to get to see them!

One server, on the other hand, lets you meet everyone who plays the same game as you. Simply by switching instances you can have an easier time finding a mob to spawn or a clear area to camp. However, some say that this detracts from the community of a game, as instances aren't as personalized. Or, in the case of EVE Online, you're one pilot stranded in the lone universe.

So what's your opinion on this war, dear readers? Comment and let us know!
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