T-Mobile signed up for HTC Espresso, new Garmin phone in first half of the year?

Bringing the mighty HD2 on board is already quite a win for T-Mobile USA, but the fun doesn't stop there -- clearly these guys must have some other exclusives in the works, and TmoNews is noticing a tip trend toward a couple specific devices. First up, the phone we've heard rumored as the HTC Espresso is said to be coming to Big Magenta (we just made that up, you like it?) as either the myTouch 2 or myTouch Slide. Why "Slide," you ask? Well, there'll apparently be some sort of QWERTY keyboard in tow -- which, if true, hopefully means the carrier will be getting its non-QWERTY Android love from somewhere else. Next, T-Mobile is said to be working with Garmin (or Garmin-Asus, as it were) on a handset, something that would make perfect sense considering that we just saw an AWS-compliant device from those guys in the FCC. In terms of timing, we're rumored to be looking at May for both of these -- but considering how rarely these dates stay steady this far in advance, we wouldn't even raise an eyebrow if they slipped into the second half.