Leaked user guides suggest Virgin Mobile Canada about to hit the hardware mother lode

Virgin Mobile's Sprint-owned US outpost has a reputation as a fairly basic, low-end network -- but things are a little different up north where smartphones have been in Virgin Canada's vocabulary for some time. Well, things are about to get really interesting -- perhaps in an effort to fend off WIND's advances -- on news of an all-too-brief user guide leak on Virgin's official support site. As smartphones go, it looks like customers can expect the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 8530, and data fiends will be pleased to see the addition of a MiFi and a branded version of the MC998D stick. Perhaps the most interesting thing here is that Virgin appears to be planning to release both CDMA and HSPA devices going forward (the 8530 versus the 9700, for example) -- a symptom of parent company Bell's recent switch. The guides are now gone, but in all likelihood, we'll be seeing some (or all) of this stuff pop back up again in the near future.