Ivor Novello awards to recognize music from video games

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Ivor Novello awards to recognize music from video games
Get out those SAT skills! The Ivor Novello awards : Grammys :: The SAG awards : Oscars. They're the smarter, more peer-reviewed way for the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors to reward excellent songwriting and composing. And as the BBC reports, for the first time, it'll be honoring video game music. The bleeps and bloops of your favorite console games are becoming one of just six total categories at the Ivors this May.

And it's because they aren't just bleeps and bloops any more. A member of the award committee says that the music in video games has "matured beyond recognition," and that composing music for games pulls some muscles that most composers don't have, like "non-linear and multi-layered composition." No word on the nominees yet, but keep in mind, any game you nominate needs to have at least 1/3 of the composers be British or Irish, according to the Ivor rules. For instance, the music for Flower was great, but unless there's a hidden "O'" in front of Vincent Diamante's last name, you probably won't see it win.
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