Star Trek Online going where Del Taco lovers have gone before: Del Taco


It's going to be a long time before mankind invents Replicator technology. Until then, we're all forced to fill our Geo Metros with dead dinos and drive on down to the Del Taco for sustenance like jerks. But, the usual reward of a scrumptious combination of tortilla, beef and spices won't be the only thing to greet you at the end of your trek: Star Trek Online is teaming up with Del Taco to offer some collectible game cups. You know, the same kind that you got for every other thing that ever launches ever. Oh, you also get a free game trial, but oh man cups with ships on them!

In addition to this megaton news item, we've also got two new Star Trek Online trailers, featuring the Cardassians and the Vigilant Class Starship. Set your mouse to click and you'll find them past the break.

Source - Press release
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