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Caption contest: Optimus Prime moonlights as clothes dryer

Caption contest: Optimus Prime moonlights as clothes dryer
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|January 22, 2010 1:24 PM
What does a superpowered Transformer do in his spare time -- you know, when he's not too busy starring in some of the worst written pieces of escapist cinema? Well, for one Taiwanese fella, there's nothing Optimus Prime likes doing more than supporting a bamboo stick used for hanging washed clothes. Seriously, the dude spent $1,600 on scrap metal, built a 14-foot model of his son's favorite mech superhero, and now has it serving as a spectacularly ornamental pivot for his washing. Classy. Oh, and video after the break.

Richard Lai: [pumps up hydraulics] "Why hello there, cute little red car..."
Tim: "Autobots, spin cycle!"
Thomas: "Transformers: Revenge of the Snuggle Bear."
Darren: "Man, it's chilly out today. Wait -- these aren't my threads! RAWWRRRR!"
Paul: "Oh, sure, Shia said he'll be 'right back.' I hate that kid."
Josh F.: "Do these windows make me look fat?"
Laura: "Get Michael Bay on the phone. Immediately."
Joanna: "Mommm, bathroom!"
Chris: "After nine years, Johnny 5 finally admits that he'd been juicing."
Joe: "There's not much more to this than meets the eye... sadly."
Don: "You think this is impressive? Wait until you see Voltron mowing my lawn."
Josh T.: "I need something to do until Transformers 3 rolls around. This cocaine isn't going to buy itself."

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