La Tale offers up a new Time Traveler patch

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La Tale offers up a new Time Traveler patch
The colorful world of La Tale is expanding yet again, with three new areas to adventure in. This newest update called Time Traveler will offer players not only these three distinct new areas -- and a time machine to travel to them in -- but also adds in the new Guild Crops system.

What's a Guild Crop? Well, the idea is this: La Tale players will be able to grow plants with their guild mates in special guild rooms. If they take good care of them, the plants will grow into monsters that players will then battle to gain access to a special dungeon with guild weapons, armor, and a fun new boss.
Meanwhile, the three new zones offer content for more advanced players. Level 50 players get access to Fairy Tale Land, which is described as "a zone where fairy tales come to life." At 110, players unlock Empyrean, which is a world built in the clouds, and the home to La Tale's gods. For the level 160 and over crowd, Mystery Zone awaits you with dark subterranean levels full of spooky things that go bump in the night.

If you like side-scrolling 2-D MMOs that you can play with the whole family, then you may want to pop over to the OGPlanet site and check out all the details for this upcoming expansion of La Tale. Soon, you'll be able to get started building your very own batch of Audrey II's for fame and fortune.
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