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Apple iTablet: the obvious name? (updated)

Apple iTablet: the obvious name? (updated)
Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|January 26, 2010 4:41 AM
With all the recent talk about the iSlate, iPad, iSlab, whatever... doesn't it seem like the obvious candidate for the name of Apple's rumored tablet computer is being completely overlooked? Like Apple's first phone that later came to be called the iPhone, isn't the most obvious name for an Apple tablet the iTablet? To support the theory we decided to share the above image that we received from a trusted source and believe to be authentic. It's a picture taken of an Apple Store employee's corporate email after receiving information about the time and place of Wednesday's Apple event. While the content of the email wasn't very enlightening, note the word used in the filename of the second attachment: "itablet." Now this doesn't prove a thing. The administrative assistant who sent the mass email could have been using "itablet' much in the same way that we've been using the term for years as a generic placeholder for the rumored device. Then again, maybe we should heed the wisdom of Occam's Razor when speculating about Apple's naming preference for a 10-inch tablet computer?

P.S. Amtek currently holds the US trademark (and itablet.com domain) for "iTablet" and continues to sell products under that name as it has for years. Not that a silly thing like trademark ownership could stop Apple from announcing its iPhone at a time when Cisco owned the rights.

Update: Looks like the attached image name above, while authentic, likely originated in a post from Pocket-lint (look at the properties). For what it's worth, the invite image we received was embedded with a name "top.jpg." Regardless, this is probably not Apple revealing its product name in a sloppy pre-event slip-up. [Thanks, MarkNewby]