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Apple has scheduled internal town hall-style iPad meeting

Dave Caolo
Dave Caolo|@davidcaolo|January 28, 2010 10:30 AM
Just a day after the iPad's introduction, MacNN reports that Apple has scheduled an internal, town hall-style meeting for employees regarding the iPad. Details of the meeting's agenda are unknown to us outside of Apple, but it's a safe guess that attendees will receive a thorough overview of the device, both in function and philosophy, perhaps iPads themselves and a clear sense of what Steve Jobs called "the most important thing I've ever done."

Shortly after the iPhone was introduced, a similar internal meeting was scheduled. At that gathering, employees supposedly received iPhones and asked questions of Steve. One attendee famously asked about the simultaneous existence of the iPhone and iPod, to which Steve said that if some company was going to cannibalize their sales, it might as well be Apple.

Certainly meetings like these inform employees but also generate precious word-of-mouth. Apple is obviously deadly serious about the device and we're looking forward to its appearance on store shelves.