Flight Control to be 're-imagined' for iPad

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Flight Control to be 're-imagined' for iPad
Developer Firemint is one of the first iPhone devs (though not the first!) to announce an upgraded version of an iPhone game for Apple's new iPad tablet thingy -- specifically, its two-million-selling action/strategy/air traffic control game, Flight Control. The developer announced that it will release an "optimised and re-imagined version of Flight Control" for the iPad. A DSiWare version is also expected to release at some unspecified time, though this announcement didn't mention it.

Though no concrete information about what the re-imaginings would be for iPad -- beyond imagining it on a bigger screen -- it sounds like Firemint anticipated porting the game up. "We are already building our next generation of games for higher definition, more powerful devices than are available today," Firemint said in its press release. "We like to imagine what the devices of tomorrow will be capable of, and invest in bringing our games to the next generation of hardware."

[Via Mobile-Ent]
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