Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero: February DLC

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Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero: February DLC
Things took a step towards the alternative in last month's Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero DLC offerings, but it seems February will see the games' downloadable music get back on the path of straight-up rock. We'll be seeing new (old) jams from 30 Seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Third-Eye Blind and Black Sabbath. We personally can't wait to see Taylor Swift cover Ozzy's part on "Sweet Leaf."

All track packs will be available for $5.49 on PS3, 550 Wii Points or 440 on Xbox 360. In addition, all songs will be available seperately for $1.99, 200 Wii Points or 160. Head past the break for the complete list of February's downloadable songs.
February 4 - 30 Seconds To Mars Track Pack
  • "Attack"
  • "From Yesterday"
  • "Kings and Queens"
February 11 - Breaking Benjamin Track Pack
  • "Sooner or Later"
  • "Until The End"
  • "Give Me A Sign"
February 18 - Black Sabbath Track Pack
  • "After Forever"
  • "Into The Void"
  • "Sweet Leaf"
February 25 - Third Eye Blind Track Pack
  • "Can You Take Me"
  • "Losing A Whole Year"
  • "Never Let You Go"
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