Wasteland Diaries: Community guide to Fallen Earth

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|01.29.10

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Wasteland Diaries: Community guide to Fallen Earth
With community being as important as it is in any MMO, accessibility to that community might sometimes be daunting. You want to learn more, but maybe you don't want to look like a noob by asking in-game. Maybe you want to start crafting, but you don't even know where to start. In keeping with our influx of community guides that have kicked off our new game-specific columns, we bring you Wasteland Diaries for all fans of Fallen Earth.

While the game is still in its infant stages, the community has established itself quite nicely so far. There are wikis, podcasts, fansites and social media hubs to help you get started on your way. If you're a high-level player, you might find yourself starving for complete information at this point, but that's why this guide will be continuously updated as the resources grow. Follow along for our guide to Fallen Earth's community.

Official Site
If it's listed here, it's probably not just a rumor. The official Fallen Earth website has info on the game's lore, factions, skills, gear and much more. It's a nice starting point if you know nothing at all about the game.

Official Forums
With so little actually out there about this game, the forums are usually where you'll find more news, bug reports, event announcements and helpful guides than anywhere else.

Promotional Videos
Early trailers, teasers and recent developer interviews reside on this all-in-one video page. Also, although not official, if you're into videos, this page has a nice collection of every Fallen Earth video made.

Hosted by Brad and Heero, this podcast is recorded live every Saturday night and features some great info on a new topic every week. Not only do they often have key members of the community on the show, but they also have a great line of communication with the game's devs. You'll often find GMs and devs alike populating their podcast chatroom during live recordings.

Post Apoc Radio
While it's not really a podcast in the traditional sense, Post Apoc Radio has become a staple for the Fallen Earth music-loving community over the wasteland airwaves. Broadcast live and streaming through their website, you can usually find the site's DJs in game during their "shift", partying it up with players near the radio dish just outside of Embry Crossroads.

Globaltech Atlas
Fallen Earth's lead designer once joked that the development team looks at the maps on Globaltech Atlas because they're better than anything they've put together so far, and we cans see his point. The site is well-made, well-maintained and could be considered their largest fansite to date.

Fallen Earth Roleplayers
An active community for the growing number of roleplayers in Fallen Earth, this site offers a place to show off your fiction or just hang out in-character.

Fallen Tears
A popular website (and collection of websites) that includes a personal journey through the game, a live stream of gameplay and more.

The Official Knowledge Base
This is what you reference when you access the help in game. It's a nice compilation of useful information on just about anything you'd want to know.

Item Database
Wondering what a GA-99 Pacifier is? This website will help you out. It plays host to an enormous database of information on the overwhelming amount of items in Fallen Earth.

Fallen Earth Unofficial Wiki
A community wiki with information about mostly everything you'd need to know. Since it's a wiki, it may not have complete information, but often those assembled by the community will tell you more than anything official.

FE Wasteland

An excellent source for information on Fallen Earth's extensive crafting system. Although not complete, it's a great place to start.

Facebook Page
Although their original Facebook page was accidentally nuked into oblivion (they'll never live that down), this new page is ripe with the latest news from the devs and comments from the community.

Fallen Earth Twitter
If you're into Twitter, this is who you need to be following for the latest from the dev team. Ironically, a fake Twitter page set up by the Soldiers of Fortune clan has more followers than this one, but that hasn't been updated since August. Just make sure you're following the right one!

Although this isn't every single site dedicated to Fallen Earth, it's a nice collection of the most recently-updated. If you see any glaring omissions, leave a comment and we'll add it to the list. Also, we're going to spend time in these new columns answering reader questions about these games, so if you have a question you'd like answered, leave it as a comment to this post or email me at Shawn at massively dot com.
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