Mog Bonanza winners announced in Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|01.31.10

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Mog Bonanza winners announced in Final Fantasy XI
Picking numbers for a contest always defaults to something familiar - your zip code, your birthdate, the number of times police have been called to your house because you were shouting so much the neighbors thought you were assaulting someone. At least that way you can blame cosmic randomness instead of just guessing wrong. The many residents of Final Fantasy XI can start blaming fate, as the winning numbers for the Moggy New Year Bonanza have been announced, right on schedule.

In ascending order, the winning number for the Rank 5 prize is 8, Rank 4 is 9-6, Rank 3 is 7-3-3, Rank 2 is 1-1-6-4, and the supreme Rank 1 winning numbers are 5-8-8-4-6. The official site has assembled a small chart showing both the winning numbers and the number of winners of each prize category. Over five hundred thousand players won the Rank 5 prize, narrowing to only 43 people winning the top award.

Of course, there's a limited timeframe to pick up your prize -- anything not claimed by February 15th will be lost forever, so it's best to move in quickly to pick up your reward. Congratulations to those who won, and for those who didn't, well, a Shadow Lord statue isn't that cool.
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